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Peter de Graaff | “Het blijft groeien, gaan heer Senefelder”

This print by visual artist Peter de Graaff is a remarkable tribute to the inventor of lithography, Alois Senefelder.


Visual artist Peter de Graaff (1961) was born in Utrecht and works in Amsterdam. He has an impressive oeuvre to his name with an equally impressive number of exhibitions. He describes himself as a painter “tout court”.

“The space melts together with the drawing of the interior into an almost monochrome image. There are accents of green. After all, it keeps growing. The open and the closed door are connected by the magenta pouring surface. You enter and leave again, feeling the spirit of someone present. Wasn’t Mr. Senefelder the one who discovered this wonderful technique?”, the artist said.


  • Design and lithography: Peter de Graaff
  • Lithographer: Gertjan Forrer in collaboration with volunteers from the Dutch Museum of Lithography
  • Production: Dutch Museum of Lithography
  • Execution: 4 color litho in a combination of tusche and chalk lithography.
  • Colors: violet, dark blue, green and magenta
  • Image size: approx. 38 x 38 cm
  • Year: October 2012
  • Edition: 150 copies, numbered and signed, with präge stamp Dutch Museum of Lithography.
  • Printing press: high-speed printing press model “Komet” nr. 10266. Built in 1926 by the German Machinefabriek Johannesberg in Geisenheim a/Rhein. Weight: 7200 kg.


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