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Nanne Meulendijks | Fanfare

In 2007, visual artist Nanne Meulendijks created this lithograph in collaboration with the technical group of the Dutch Museum of Lithography and under the supervision of master printer Gertjan Forrer.


Nanne Meulendijks: “In October 2007, Mr. Peter-Louis Vrijdag’s eye fell on my poster project entitled ‘What do we do with grandma?’ That project was on display at the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven at that time. These Art Nouveau posters prompted Mr. Vrijdag to call me, and pleasantly surprise me with the question of whether I would like to make a lithograph for the Dutch Museum of Lithography. And only one that the museum could ‘stand out with, and present to the public’! Well, that seemed like a good idea, were it not that I had never even seen a lithograph stone (so to speak). By jumping in at the deep end for each step in the process from design to final result, and with the most wonderful help of countless volunteers of the museum and master printer Gertjan Forrer, “Fanfare” became exactly as it should be. A bizarre parade of oddities, which no one can ignore, and with which the Dutch Museum of Lithography absolutely cannot go unnoticed!”


  • Design and lithography: Nanne Meulendijks
  • Image size: 43 cm x 59 cm
  • Colors: 8
  • Production: technical group Dutch Museum of Lithography with the assistance of master printer Gertjan Forrer, Weesp
  • Edition: 220 copies, signed, numbered, colophon and provided with präge stamp of the Dutch Museum of Lithography.
  • Printing press: Speed press “Komet” Nr. 10266. Fabr. Johannesberg Geisenheim Dtsld.1926


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