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Litho XP selection

27 June 2024

In response to the open call for the Litho XP: Explore – Experiment – Experience project, we received more than 40 submissions. An external committee – consisting of former Litho XP participants Dieke Venema and Marjolein Landman, as well as Head of Art Affairs Rabobank Verily Klaassen – assessed all entries. Attention was paid to how the proposals demonstrated experimental research into new possibilities of the medium of lithography.

The proposals chosen as most suitable were by Dieuwke Spaans, Femke Dekkers, Hanna de Haan and Niko Riedinger. The program consists of two processes (in 2024 and 2025).  In September will be determined which artists start in 2024.

Litho XP: Explore – Experiment – Experience

Make Eindhoven and the Dutch Museum of Lithography in Valkenswaard are working together in a program in which new possibilities of the medium of lithography are explored. The program consists of two trajectories in 2024 and 2025. For each trajectory, two selected artists will have the opportunity to experiment with the medium of lithography in an innovative way.

With this program we want to stimulate and update knowledge of the technique of lithography, but above all keep it alive. In addition, we want to give specially selected artists the opportunity to work with innovative and more unorthodox applications within contemporary visual art.

Litho XP

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