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Art of Printing included in the Inventory of Intangible Heritage

02 June 2022

The festive signing took place in the House of the Book, the oldest book museum in the world, at the printing press of the well-known typographer and printer Jean François van Royen (1878-1942).

Marco van Baalen (director of the Dutch Centre for Intangible Cultural Heritage), Sandra Bechtholt (director House of the Book), Maarten Kentgens (director of the Dutch Museum of Lithography) and Fronique Oosterhof (director of GRID Graphic Museum Groningen) jointly signed the certificate for the registration of the Art of Printing.

Sandra Bechtholt, director of House of the Book: “We are very proud that the art of printing has been added to the Inventory of Intangible Heritage of the Netherlands. Together with GRID Groningen, the Dutch Museum of Lithography and House of the Book, we want to preserve the beautiful craft of printing: passing on the craft, developing it and making it visible to the widest possible audience.

Day of Printing 2023

The initiators of the registration are the Dutch Museum of Lithography in Valkenswaard, GRID Graphic Museum Groningen and House of the Book in The Hague. Starting in 2023, the ‘Day of Printing’ will be organised every year in March. This will be done in cooperation with museums, graphic workshops, typographers, graphic schools, the graphic business community and graphic artists.

Get to know the craft!

Experience the heritage of the Art of Printing for yourself and visit the Dutch Museum of Lithography!

Plan your visit and book your tickets online.

At the House of the book in The Hague and GRID Graphic Museum Groningen, visitors can also get to know the craft, and of course the beautiful results of printing.

Photo: Frank Jansen

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